Who am I?

Hi there! Welcome to my realm where you will find ongoing projects and my portfolio.

My name is Nadia Labeikovsky, I am an aspiring feature designer and producer, programmer by trade, content manager and live ops producer by day. I focus on features and systems and dwell on story (and the question ‘why?’). Even though I have worked in different industries (including teaching and an online radio DJ) my passion and focus is games; in life I want to work with very talented people that love what they do to help create engaging and meaningful games and to make people happy.

A little about me: I’m a child of the 80s, I was born in Venezuela, the daughter of an Italian Engineer and a Venezuelan Teacher. Being so I learned to, and enjoyed, taking things apart (and well putting them back together). I am a gamer, I enjoy creating worlds and games filled with puzzles, adventures and with a purpose and I also enjoy and relish on observing how people react to certain interactions, decisions and feelings. I love to write (I’m a bookworm too), I speak three languages, I am also a novice piano player (and a music enthusiast). I am committed to anything I put my mind to no matter even if it seems impossible. Personality wise you can say I’m extremely diligent and perseverant. I love to mentor and share, to learn and experiment. I also love to cook and make people laugh.


You can find me in many places, but here is a list of the ones I frequent the most as a good child of the wired:

  • Email
  • LinkedIn: Professional Profile.
  • Twitter: Where I talk about ideas, music I listen to, random thoughts, greet and talk to people.
  • Tumblr: Where I share what can inspire me.
  • Last.fm and Grooveshark: Where you can see and listen to the music that I’m into.
  • Xbox Live: DarkanaNJ (If you want to play a game with me...or two).