Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center - Pittsburgh, PA
MET: Masters of Entertainment Technology
Professional, interdisciplinary degree in entertainment technology
Graduation Date: May 2010

Universidad Fermîn Toro - Lara, Venezuela
B.S: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Focus on Hardware and Software
Graduation Date: April 2007

Industry Experience

Assistant Producer, March 2011 - Present
Electronic Arts - The Sims 3 - Redwood Shores, CA

Contract Producer for the Sims 3 Web Team. Support the continuation of the Sims 3 Franchise through promotions, community development, game & expansion support, and microcontent.
  • Managing & planning scrum-based iteration cycles with our development team in India, localization team in Spain, and base team in the US.
  • Coordinating with marketing, global branding, and expansion pack teams to promote within and support the Sims 3 web community.
  • Managing day to day processes regarding forums and community site.
  • Designing, planning, and managing the development of the features regarding community page to enhance user experience, assist development, and game support.

Online Assistant, July 2010- March 2011
Electronic Arts - The Sims 3 - Redwood Shores, CA

Content manager for Receiving requests from Marketing, PR and Community Managers to help promote and enhance community development.

  • Coordinated with international teams assets requirements and deliverables.
  • Served as content manager for and


Game Designer and Producer, Spring 2009
PlayOnSocial, Redwood Shores, CA

ETC Client Project with NHN Corporation of Korea focused on creating a social casual game to be deployed in Korean social networks in the future.
  • Designed social/casual interactions and mechanics and systems, balanced in-game mechanics.
  • Led the project team during the development cycle.

Designer and Prototyper, Fall 2009
O.R.C.A.S., Redwood Shores, CA

ETC client project with the California Academy of Sciences focused on exploring features for designing future exhibit interactions.

Designer and Programmer, Spring 2008
Sketch it up, Pittsburgh, PA

ETC student pitched project that focused on developing a game sketching tool with the Panda 3D engine.
  • Co-designed and implemented UI features.
  • Designed and implemented sound design features.

Designer, Programmer and Producer, Fall 2008
Building Virtual Worlds, Pittsburgh, PA

ETC course focused on creating virtual worlds in two week cycles on teams of four students.
  • Held the role of sound designer, producer and programmer on various projects.

Additional Experience

Overseas Faculty, January 2010
Entertainment Technology Center (ETC-CMU)

Co-taught the Building Virtual Worlds course as part of an exchange with the University of Monterrey.

  • Responsabilities included managing class resources, organizing teams and assignments, setting infrastructure for grading and communications between all professors of the course and 14 students and mentoring.

Software Engineer, June 2009 - July 2009
Entertainment Technology Center (CMU-ETC)

Worked on the Panda3D engine as a developer and revitalizing the Panda3D community.

  • Worked on the Mac OS version of the engine. identifying problems with current features and possible solutions.

Software Developer Internship, May 2006 - December 2006
Chocolates El Rey C.A

Designed and developed two small information systems for the Quality Control department to analyze chemical and biological characteristics of chocolate and its components.

Technical Support Assistant, April 2005 - April 2006
Corporacion Veneriel C.A.

IT specialist in charge of maintenance of equipments and networks. Data processing and support.


Art/image edition:GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator.
Programming Languages:
HTML/CSS, Pascal, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Actionscript 3, C++, MySQL, Visual Basic (V.S. 6).
Development Environments:
Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Adobe Flash CS3
Panda3D, Lassie Adventure Studio, Wildpockets, Unity 3D
Version Control:
SVN, Perforce.
Content Management:
Bug Tracking:

Adobe Audition & Soundbooth, ProTools, Garageband.
English (fluent), Spanish (native), Italian (basic to intermediate), French (beginner)


Peoples’ Choice 2008: For Electropocalypse made in the Wildpockets Game Jam by SimOps.
ICEC 2009: Demonstration of ‘Sketch it up!’ project at the International Conference on Entertainment Computing in Paris.
Volunteer: Game Education Summit (GES) in 2009